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General Manager of New Year speech
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    "Sound of firecrackers old year, Golden Tiger Whiskers Spring." With the New Year's bell, trace the footsteps crossing, we say goodbye to a very unusual but brilliant shine in 2009, is full of opportunities and hope to celebrate in 2010. On the occasion of the New Year approaching, I, on behalf of Shenzhen Electronics Co., Nha Trang to the enthusiastic support of our customers, vendors, friends and the community of friendship and cooperation extended New Year best wishes! The day and night in market development, all staff on all fronts, expressed deep gratitude!

     Recalling 2009, the face of the financial crisis, we break out from the predicament in Nha Trang team continuous innovation, forge ahead in unity, strength in technology and marketing capabilities has maintained a leading position in the industry, the business scale of sustained high growth, successful internal management ERP system; product development has already made ??a number of achievements. In the past years, the company and establish a certain number of PCB customers corporate image, establish a good working relationship. Today, Nha Trang electron is in a steady growth stage, doing the "best PCB supplier," Nha Trang has been a goal of the electronic staff.

     In order to achieve our ideal transfer large company focus on personnel training, more committed employees have the potential to provide good opportunities for development, give full consideration to employee career development planning. At the same time we have to abandon the narrow, open-minded, inviting excellence in the world, has the ability to attract more people to join our team. Development of our heroic struggle, not afraid of hard, the spirit of reform and innovation, and strive to achieve win-win results and common development of the company and employees.

     Recalling the past, look to the future, we believe that all employees Nha Trang, under the correct leadership of the board of directors, senior management, and further enhance our influence throughout the PCB industry, and enhance our position in the industry, there is a team of Tarawa we firmly believe that there are a million reasons: Nha Trang will be better tomorrow! It also very much hope to continue to get the full support of our customers, vendors, friends and the community of friendship and cooperation, as always, support and care, Nha Trang, you will always be with strong integrity and win-win partnership!

     Finally, I sincerely wish you good luck Tiger, everything is pressing to good health!

     Everlasting wish our business!

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