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SHENZHEN YA ZHUANG ELECTRON CO.,LTD was established in October 2002, R & D, production of circuit board test fixture, (patented) composite tooling, special tooling, general rule, the through-hole jig, high pressure fixture, four-wire fixture; OEM circuit board test fixture production technology counseling and testing supplies around sales . Professional R & D team has made ??a number of R & D results in the provision of low-cost, high-efficiency testing technology by the industry recognition and praise.

Current technical capabilities Nha Trang has reached the highest level in the industry! After several years of unremitting efforts Nha Trang people and customers for their support, the company is getting more grown Nha Trang, points were set up factories in Zhuhai, Suzhou, Shanghai and other places! Ensure timely delivery and provide a more efficient service throughout.

Equipment: The company has a variety of advanced equipment, the main production and maintenance equipment testing machines, drilling machines, milling machines, gongs bed, carved, making a variety of governance and overhaul software.
Technology: PCB Testing is committed to continuous research and development of technology, providing "high-efficiency, low-cost" test solutions for PCB manufacturers.
Quality: The company obtained ISO9001 in June 2004: 2000 (SGS) quality system certification. The spirit of "critical thinking, rigorous operation, strict inspection, verification serious" management means to achieve the industry's highest level.
Services: Provides service beyond your expectations, the company's normal orders can be delivered within 24 hours, with a limousine service and experienced engineers free technical support.
Price: seek reasonable on the principle of mutual benefit, take special advantage of the machine economy and universal fixture advantages of simple and inexpensive design budding village compound fixture, reached a stage in a dedicated machine to test high-precision circuit board test results after the market Nha Trang composite decreased 30-50% of the cost for the entire circuit board test; It was with

provide a "high-efficiency, low-cost" test program and continue to develop the entire circuit board suitable for high-end test fixture change for the entire industry to gain market recognition, with major customers currently include:
Taiwan: United energy Technology, Foxconn, Watertown, etc.
Funded: Founder, Shennan and so on.
Hong Kong-owned: Techwise, Jianye, red plate, Ambergris, wins too, Cogent, Jing Wang and so on. Foreign
: Meiko Electronics, Chao Yi and so on.
Has technical cooperation customers:
United Technology, Foxconn, Founder, wins too, Jing Wang, Techwise, Topsearch, deep South and so on.

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